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If anyone wants a list or description of what I used .... just ask and I shall provide. More than happy to help others to setup - what can be a real advantage at times.

Difficult to launch models become so easy with this .....

If I think back to the Need for Speed campaign we had here on this forum - I was having real difficulty getting my high power Parkjet away ... fearsome machine ... the torque when hand launched was so bad ...
Out of 5 'throws' only 2 ever survived ... one led to the 222kph flight. The other led to about 240kph - but disallowed for lack of supporting evidence.
Once the Parkjet was launched by Bungee - every launch was a success. Later I did try the 'Beast' ..... a twin motor Parkjet - but TBH - a crazy idea and far too ambitious a model setup.
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