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The Lipo was nothing special but are excellent lipos. This was a Turnigy 3000mAh 4S 20C - 30c Lipo Pack. The Futaba transmitter is set for a landing after 7mins and that leaves about 10 to 20 percent amps in the tank. However, since it is set to count down well above zero throttle I get about 9mins actual flying time which even I find acceptable.
The prop used is a 12 X 6 which gives unlimited verticals.
I found the extra weight over that which is quoted as supposdly for a 3S (dont believe that for one minute, not by the performance and flight duration I got) made the plane fly better with the added weight it became much more acceptable as a pattern practice airoplane.
The weight of this 4S battery is 337gm and to be honest I think it would handle a 4000maH 4S battery but I havnt tried that yet as there now is no need.
When flown with the 3S I found that the pack had to be positioned so far in to the motor frame that I had to make up an addiotional tray that was level with it. Now, although better it still sits a little in to that area, which is one thing that makes me think of trying the 4000maH but its not going to happen as now I have eventualy got the bird flying how I like and for as long as I like I will just buy some more of those fantastic Turnigy Lipos.
(No I dont work for Hobby King or whom so ever sells the darned things!)
Change to 4S - its a different bird.
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