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The matter of Gyro Stabiliser or not is a thorny one and I believe has a basis on historical bias.

For a long time - Gyros were quite crude and literally without any switch. You fitted and and adjusted it to suit model and that was it. Later along came the solid state versions with in floight rate variable ... mode settings and of course - option to switch it off. This has led to models with 'trainer' modes to allow newcomers to have a greater possibility of success.

I am a model flyer of over 55 years and went through early days of Herlicopters where heavy Gyros were needed to tame tails. I never imagined fitting one to a plane. Later of course with the solid state tiny switchable mode such as Hobby Eagle etc. - that changed and now you could fit to literally any model.
The models that have such as 'SAFE' - have in my mind set them up in a sensible way ... such that in full Trainer mode - flight is restricted and the Pilot WANTS to progress on to enjoy increased manoeuvrability.

We have a couple of guys in my Club that like to advertise to all that I use in some of my models a Gyro Stab. I find it petty and annoying to be honest. They shout out ... Its got a gyro ... thinking that this is a sin and the Gyro is flying the model.
Its funny because one of the guys - I handed the Tx to him one day and never told him he had gyro assist on ... (I only use a small amount of assist to steady out odd strong gusts ... nothing more) .... he flew it .. remarked how he had enjoyed it and found the model responsive ... THEN I told him ....... He was not amused !!

As far as I am concerned ....... todays Gyros are a long way from the old and if a person uses one - that's their choice and if it helps them enjoy the hobby - its not for me to say its wrong.

TBH - I wish I had back in my days of Club 20 Pylon Racing a Hobby Eagle gyro !!
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