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Actually BEAM is 100% still in business. It seems sheeple in USA are convinced that if there aren't upgrades to spend every dollar they make on then the heli just isn't viable and is no longer available. Insert Align and every other crappy 450 size heli here....BEAM thrives in the rest of the world because there are no upgrades. Buy it and fly it! Align thrives in the USA. Buy it and continue to send Align your paycheck for upgrades! For whatever reason sheeple here in the USA think that equates to a good product?

BEAM lost the USA market for that very reason. The BEAM requires no upgrades and us American sheeple just couldn't understand the concept. Align likely doubled profit on upgrades alone while they raped us on the kits we bought! Beam is still VERY strong in the world market though. Seems the world market is much smarter than us Americans when it comes to electric heli's.

Beam didn't take off here in the USA like it should have because sheeple didn't have an outlet to waste their money on upgrades that should have been integrated into the kit before being released for public consumption like Align does. The BEAM didn't need any upgrades. It was already the best it could be at that particular point in time. Align and after marketers provided the upgrade avenue (and money pit) that should have been included in their kits.

Damn, I'm sounding like a BEAM corporate exec. 100% not the case. I have BEAM V1 and SE as well as T-Rex 450 PRO to compare side by side. Beam wins my vote hands down.

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