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Default bcx2 swashplate linkage

hello everyone!!!! I am heli-new to this hobby and this forum, I just got a bcx2 yesterday. This is my first real rc chopper. I hope to not waste anyones time by posting a repeat thread but I loooked thru some previous posts about this but did not find the same situation.
Ok so yesterday for my birthday the little woman gave me a blade CX2 heli. I have never flown one of these before but my nephew does have a little "micro chopper" that I have played with when around. So she decides to get me the real deal for my birthday. Cool deal, I immediately started trying to hover the machine and get used to the controls. While I made some progress after about an hour of toying with it I noticed something out of balance on the blades after a small crash. Upon inspection I found the linkage from the swashplate to the lower head unhooked. No big deal right, Wrong!!! The linkage does not seem long enough, I can twist the blade enough to hook up one side, but it leaves the other side about 50% to short and the pitch of the blade is gross. Am I missing a part between the head and plate or what. With the blade sitting at neutral the linkage is about 1/2 inch short from reaching the swashplate in its lower position. Any help would be deeply appreciated and I hope to one day return the favor. But first I have to get over this damn noob thing.
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