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Default Silk and dope for a Lil Esquire

I do.

The Lil Esquire is about to get a silk and nitrate dope covering, the yellow silk in the photo.

I like the shrinking version of nitrate dope for adhering and undercoats with brushing clear lacquer for sealing. I buy the silk from Dharma Trading and I think (not sure) this batch was mailed from Malaysia. I also like polyspan or aerospan or whatever it is called now, with nitrate dope. It stays tough and puncture resistant for years, is light, and looks like silkspan. I heat shrink it after adhering and let the dope do the final tightening.

I've stayed away from nylon as my attempts to get it tight did not really work. That was so many years ago I don't recall the process. The wings are from a Roaring 20s and a Vic Smeed free flight conversion, the closeup shows the texture of the polyspan. Each is about 6-7 years old and have been sitting in the garage here in the Arizona desert.

Please go with the dope finish. Time consuming but so much more authentic to our hobby.

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