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Originally Posted by solentlife View Post
Why not external cast the cowl you make (wrap in sandwich film first) then cast a plug from that ?
I've been thinking about doing that. I still have some plaster of Paris left. I won't waste my time using P of P for making plugs again as the bubbles render them needing more finish work needed than they're worth. I may try using it to make a plug from my balsa plug. I still have a lot of final sanding and finish work to do on the balsa part. Since leaving RC Groups and the thread on this bird I have been working on it at a snails pace. All that is left is to make the canopy frame (90% done) and build the entire cowl from scratch. (80% done). I have an old sheet of acetate that will work fine for the canopy. It's just a glue and wrap process....

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