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I wonder about pulling plastic over a balsa built buck. Of all the threads I've seen about vacuum forming I haven't seen anyone using balsa. Maybe one or two using hardwoods but never saw reports on their results. The worry for me would be mold release as I wonder if it would just be absorbed by the balsa and likely not be effective. Not sure.......

I'm finishing up a scratch built balsa cowl for the Airtronics Jetfire .20 laser cut kit that Andy Kunz of Horizon Hobby/Spektrum fame gave me a few months ago. The cowl is turning out much better than I expected. While it's not all that heavy a plastic cowl would still be much lighter. I'm not willing to risk damaging the cowl or having the plastic fuse itself to the wood in a test pull though. I wish I had a 3D scanner. Then I could just create a file and make it on the 3D printer!

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