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Originally Posted by Wildflyer View Post
I have used a product called "Fix-it-All" to do similar things. I think it cures much harder then the plaster I have played with.
I cast the entire inside of a canopy I liked in case I messed up the first one. Haven't tried to vacuum form it yet.
I made a vacuum forming rig from junk materials about three years ago. I used the Fix-it-All for most of the molds I created. Loved the stuff. Cures hard and very smooth. I ran out of it and tried plaster of Paris and just wasn't as happy. It seems to end up with too many bubbles on the surface and overall surface smoothness is not there. Aside from the bubble (low spot) areas the other abnormalities likely won't show through to the final product. I just prefer the ready to use surface of a Fix-it-All plug. I need to get another box and continue making plugs for all the cowls and canopies I have. Then I need to get MUCH better at getting the plastic temp just right before pulling the parts. I don't have a good success rate yet (see the pictures for the worst one and a success) and it's soooo expensive to waste the plastic...

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