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Default AR636A Safe Select Versus AS3X

Will someone please advise me whether or not my understanding of the following is correct?

The AR636A Safe Select receiver in the E-Flite Commander can be bound to the transmitter with Safe either ON or OFF. Either way, AS3X is automatically activated when the system is bound and the throttle is advanced to something more than 25%. It is not possible to operate this receiver without AS3X being active.

Safe ON is a flight mode where excessive pitch and roll movements are automatically inhibited (prevented?), thus reducing the likelihood of losing control of the aircraft. If the control sticks are returned to neutral, the aircraft will automatically return to level flight.

It is difficult to fly the aircraft when Safe is ON because it will be constantly trying to inhibit large control surface movements and/or excessive aircraft attitudes.

A transmitter switch can be programmed to turn Safe ON or OFF during flight. If the aircraft is normally flown with Safe OFF, recovery from an out of control or panic situation can be achieved by flipping the Safe switch on. After flight stability is reestablished, Safe can be turned OFF to resume normal flying.

AS3X is a completely separate receiver feature. It reacts to normal control inputs in the normal way. However, it also reacts to stabilize the aircraft when it is impacted by OUTSIDE forces such as wind gusts. During flight in still air, AS3X does NOTHING. During flight in turbulent air, AS3X works to minimize aircraft deviations from what the transmitter is telling it do.

In other words, AS3X DOES NOT inhibit the aircraft from responding to transmitter commands.

Do I have this right?
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