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Originally Posted by Liquidity View Post
You could use the servo, motor, esc, rx if you wanted to, but that woudl require a lot of work.

You cna reuse the transmitter and the batteries. The best thing to do is order all new equipment for the arf. I have shared the RXs before.

Things you will need for an ARF: Servos, servo wire extender (if required), motor, esc, rx,
You could share an Rx but you have to be careful. You will need to do a thorough pre-flight every time you fly to make sure all the control surfaces are moving correctly. You may need to reverse the servo direction on one or the other of your planes. Most radios have servo reversing switches, so easy to do, but also easy to forget.

Best bet is to just buy a new one for each plane as Liquidity suggests. You can get a cheap one for $20, and a very good one for not much more than $30 if you shop around.

Baterries can be shared, as long as they are the same voltage and about the same weight.
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