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Default ESC reset

Hey Everyone

I have a question, after flying electric aircraft and you disconnect the battery and then reconnect the same battery (guys in my club say) it resets the ESC so LVC does not work (sees batt as 100% they say).
I argued that was not the case, that low voltage was low voltage and the programed ESC detects cell voltage everytime. 1OO% or 65% the LVC is the same as the first time it (the ESC) was set??? Flight time for sure is affected, not LVC
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ONE ANSWER - Depends entirely on the BRAND of ESC.
Electrifly works that way. (IMO avoid that brand because of that)
Check it out and do the math. It's poor on a fresh lipo and horrible on a used lipo.

Some brands are set, or can be set to a something like AUTO @ 2.9/3/3.1v/cell. Exact voltages depends on the brand/model.
Still others to an absolute voltage of your choice (Castle with the USB Link). Castle will do AUTO also-no LINK required.

Some are set to an absolute volatage-no setting possible.
GWS is that way and the setting is so low I consider it lipo destructive. Absolute ESC dinosaur.

It pays to read the instruction BEFORE you buy these things.
No way to make a blanket statement about how they work.


Jeff how are your escs set up?

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