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Nice job with the maiden flights. I can see you getting a little more stable with each flight. Once you get the CG correct, your flights will be more stable since you will not have to fight the controls to keep the plane level.

As you fly, try to keep the control movements small as possible so you don't have to recover from a wild gyration with another large movement. Smooth is best.

Also remember that altitude is your friend. At this point you should be flying about 3 mistakes high, meaning you can recover from three mistakes before you impact mother earth.

An easy to adjust the CG to the rear is to use small finishing nails in the rear of the plane. You can tape them to the fuselage until you get it correct, then poke them into the foam and hold them in with a piece of tape.

You are doing great with your perseverance of the project. Keep up the good work.
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