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Excellent review. I was bought one of these a few months ago by my Fiance, he said it would be great for me. I have only flown it indoors, at my college, in our studio & in the bedroom on the bed. Did once try it outdoors...where did that gooooooooooooooo as it slipped down wind at a rapid rate of knots, it was funny watching my partner run after it shouting "OK drop the throttle", then he caught it & me being me, just had to bite him with a quick flick of the left hand stick

I agree with FL Knifemaker 100%, it needs constant correction from the minute you lift off, better volatge regulation might be a big help here to at least keep the thing straight. Apart from that it's great fun, over priced in my book, but still great fun.

Have since flown a mini titan & a trex 600...prefer the 600 to be honest, thats FAR, FAR more fun.

Kirsty x
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