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Default Cox Boomerang Conversion

Hello, I had one in the loft unopened for many years, now I'm moving house so I started to clear it out.

More interesting to fiddle with an untouched model airplane, than pack boxes, so I set to and prized it open and took the single channel stuff out.
If I ever get round to it, I shall put a little DSMX receiver in it and two wing mounted linear servos (perhaps) and a brushed ESC to run from a 2S 600mA pack or thereabouts.
It had occurred to me that the wing tips should be turned into elevons and forget about the rudder, and if they need to be tweaked up then it can done via adjusting the servo rods.. But I also wonder why they are turned up as it stands stock... Taking out the receiver board and the single channel rudder servo will upset the balance of it so I think that will be a suck it and see.. Maybe I attache the two halves together with magnets to allow access? The foam took some damage in the opening processm but I think it could be made to look OK eventually... Now I have done the hard bit, it'll probably sit in its box for another few years or until the GF runs off with all my money and I have nothing left to distract me. Highly unlikely with the collection of kits that I have amassed. I have warned her that I need a workshop where ever we find a new home to nest in.... So I know it's a very old post an no-one else contributed, but I would be interested to know if you ever made the conversion and if so what your thoughts are... Kind regards, Frank
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