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Originally Posted by solentlife View Post
The first thing I would do is remove prop then return all plugs to normal positions ..... if Mode 2 : Throttle / Rudder .... Elevator / Aileron. Check all work correctly in direction etc.

If not - then I would based on your post above - start by reversing one control ... test ... if it reverses correctly without changing any other - fine. Return it to original direction. Now reverse next and check ... if correct etc. return to original .... do this for all controls.

What we are doing is confirming normal operation.

What mode are you using ? Because Mode 1 is Rudd / Elev on left stick .... Thrott / Aileron on right stick.

If you are having controls cycling when TX is not being moved ..... increase distance between TX and model - see if that stops the servos cycling ... sometimes its just too close. If that does not cure it ... then I suggest you have a connection problem in the model .... unplug and re-plug in making sure correct way round and fully home. Check voltage to RX from ESC ... with all connected start jiggling wires - see if any cause jittery or glitches when jiggled ...

99% of the time it comes down to a process of elimination .....

Thank you so much. I actually got things sorted out shortly after I posted this. I was too close to the RX. I have the throttle/ailerons on the left and the rudder/elevator on the right. My only previous experience is on a HobbyZone Super Cub with the set up that way. It had no ailerons though. The flaps are on the left pot/knob. The hobby shop that I bought the airplane from is sure that I will not be able to handle this airplane since it's for an intermediate-expert pilot. I hope I can prove him wrong. I have a 100 acre plus area of nothing but tall (3' high) grass to fly over so perhaps I will get lucky. If I'm not they will profit from my crashes. (If they're lucky)
Again, I really appreciate your help.
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