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Originally Posted by ron_van_sommeren View Post
Current and power drawn are proportional to voltage squared respectively cubed.
Going from 12s to 14s, current drawn wants to increase by factor (14/12)≤= 1.3, 3% extra.
Power drawn wants to increase by factor 1.5, 50% extra.
Increase in current with one or two cells added simple table - RCG
(In full: proportional to pitch, #blades, voltage≤ respectively voltage≥, Kv≥ and diameter⁴, small changes, huge increase).
Ignoring bit of extra voltage losses in battery, wiring, controller and motor due to higher current.

If current at wide open throttle is too high for the controller then reducing throttle to get current below ESC max.current is not a good idea. It is even harder on ESC than to keep overamping at full throttle. Better to prop down a bit to reduce current.
Oooookay. That's a mouthful!
As mentioned in the above post, I will upgrade the ESC from the start to handle the 14S. The EDF will have to endure a bit until I get the upgrade that the 14S is intended for.
Just didn't want to have to buy 12S lipos for the short term. Thanks for the hit and the links!
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