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I would say since the stabilizers aren't vertical, they would act slightly as elevators, although just a bit. Also, they may keep the plane better planted during takeoff, preventing any potential situation of the plane losing footing on the rear wheels. Since takeoff is not by simply the thrusters alone, it needs drag to keep it on track perhaps, including tracking sideways. With the rudders like that, it will not want to turn. I suppose you can compare it to a paper plane, or rc if you can really toss it hard. When you give a paper plane a really hard you may cause it to fly at all. The jet itself is being catapulted to extreme speeds before it is actually pushing itself, so all airflow has to keep it perfectly straight.

You could also look at it like a F1 car, or something. Tons of speed is lost from the rear wing and front wing, but the car would just lift off at some point. The rear wing isnt just downforce, but some side force too.

Just a guess.
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