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Originally Posted by nopeda View Post
It does seem shameful, so is there a reason why it doesn't? I'm sorry to be so totally ignorant but so far that's my position. We can buy those cards on ebay, but how to plug them into a computer? With the Syma X5C that has no headless or GPS they do include a little chip of some sort and also an adapter to plug it into a computer USB. It worked great with no formatting needed. How to proceed with this better machine that includes no card or adapter and needs to be formatted? I found the cards on ebay with adapters, but it doesn't look like anything that will work in my PC. Maybe for a phone or camera Is there an adapter for the adapter
Sounds like the "little chip...and adapter" the Syma came with, is the same thing that can be used with the Hubsan.

It is likely that card will format once you install it in the Hubsan.

As far as play back on the PC, the little chip fits into the adapter, the adapter then is slid into a slot either on the sides or back of a laptop. If you do not have a laptop, most desktop PC's have a built-in card slot either on the front or back of the case.....sometimes it may be "hidden" under a flip up cover.

Once you have inserted the card into the PC, an info message should pop-up on the screen and ask if you want to open the device. There are other methods to open the card data on the PC, but that's another discussion.

Now you need to open the card data, you may be asked (prompted) to decide which driver (format) or software you want to use to view the data.......AVI, WMV(Windows), GIF, MOV(Quick Time), MP3/4(MPEG) are the most common.

Since we do not know which version the Hubsan used to record the data (it may be one of the above), you may need to convert the data to one of the formats your PC has available.......most likely the format will be AVI.

For now. I would just save the data to a folder. The PC will save it in the format it was originally recorded, can format it (if needed) may get lucky and just open the data and it will play back with the default format your PC recognizes........

As for video, photo quality and modifications.......that subject is for another time and place........wish you lot's of luck David.


If your PC/laptop does not have a card slot. There are several external SD card reading devices on the market. Most have a USB cord you just put the card/adapter into the device and plug the cord into an available USB port on the PC.
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