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Originally Posted by JetPlaneFlyer View Post
So my point is you cant simply take the flight time in minutes and divide that into 60 to get your required C rating, unless that is you fly the entire flight on constant power, and where would the fun be in that?
If you've got a Castle Creations ICE ESC, you can graph out the current pulled for the entire flight.

I've set my Giant Big Stick at about 90% power levels, and put the model in various attitudes, from gentle climbouts to gentle descents, all without moving the throttle.

The graphs show that just doing gentle climb outs and dives can vary the current pulled by the motor by a very wide margin. Some graphs show currents on the order of 55 Amps during climb out, and only 4 or 5 amps on a gentle descent. All at the same throttle setting.

The Hacker A60-16M with a 19X12 prop and 12S2P A123's pulls 75 amps at full power on the ground. During take off, that current increases to about 82 Amps or so.
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