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Originally Posted by nidly View Post
I'm surprised that the a-123 voltage fell off that much. Do you think at 20C the lipo may hold higher voltage than the a-123? One thing is for certain and that is that "around" the MAX current the lipo graph will be just about flat.

I'm really afraid of something here.

I'm afraid that you will buy more lipos and never look back. (powering even your larger models with lipos as well)
One thing about those wild "C" ratings on some of these LiPo batteries. Like one supplier is claiming 150C. Running a battery at 150C will result in a flight time of about 24 seconds. Totally unrealistic.

IMHO, flight times on the order of four minutes are a little more reasonable, and that represents C=15, the value I tested both the A123 and LiPo's at. I've got some 1000 watt resistors, but really don't want to push my "cheap" Gens Ace battery that much.

As far as going LiPo, not likely! IMHO, the advantages of these A123 cells just outweighs the Lipo batteries in the larger models that are in my hanger. They can be charged in 15 minutes, and mine are lasting five years with little or no loss of performance. They can be stored fully charged, half charged, doesn't make much difference.

Yes, my same models will likely perform better with a Lipo pack, but they'd likely need lead in the nose to balance them. And pulling a liPo pack out for charging in my models is a real head ache. The A123 batteries are pretty much built into the model. And, my models will fly straight up out of sight, including the giant scale Big Stick that weighs in at some 16 pounds. No they won't hover, but that's not how my models are flown.
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