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If I read your graph correctly, the A123 is putting out about 112 watts at the roughly 50% capacity point versus 99 watts for the lipo. However, when you look at the watts/oz. the lipo is about 40% more powerful by weight. That's similar to what I've found.

The lipo is probably a better choice for the foamy. Adding over 20% to the AUW with likely cause a noticeable decline in performance. I've found A123's useful for scale models where you often can use the nose weight. The ability to build the pack in the shape you need, and even build it into the model (due to the inherently safer charging and high rate) are also useful.

BTW, there is a thread on RCG that compares batteries under a defined protocol that shows Gens Ace has one of the most honest C-ratings in the industry but they also fall somewhat short of their rated capacity.
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