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Default My mini review of radios I used / use ...

I know this thread is old - but it is a sticky.

I come from the early days of mixing radios. Most were flying with Futaba M series or similar. No mixing or other fancy stuff ... we had to do it via mechanical link-ups on the model.
Then came JR with the Propo series with trim pots, mixing on panels at back of radio :

Yep - I still have it in its original styrofoam ... unfortunately it needs a repair.

This was my heli and aerobatics radio back in mid 80's. It was the Rolls Royce of radios then and still feels better on the sticks than many I've tried today.

Here I am using it for my FP Glow engined Heli ...

Anyway - my return to RC a year ago was something of a learning curve with all the new style Computer radios about. In 80's they were not available until basically about 1990 .. but extremely untrusted !
I read loads of posts and comments about programmable radios ... 2.4Ghz etc.

In the end I decided to go for a RTF plane with basic 4ch 35Mhz (europe). This proved to work even though radio was obviously a cheapo Chinese and worth about $20 max !

As I wanted to progress on and get back to more advanced flight fixed wing and also return to Heli's ... would mean investing in a programmable radio. I fell upon reviews of the cheap FlySky 9ch system with all the programming I could ever need for less than $100. I ordered the radio and I have to say that it has exceeded all expectations ... it has performed nicely. It is well balanced, menu easy to use, mixing all I need, additonal RX's are about $15 a throw and quick to bind ... and it's 2.4Ghz with as good a range as any other set I have seen on site incl. JR, Futaba and Spectrum. No interference from other sets or to them.

It's the TM-002 version with the B Rx ...

I use my old Futaba charger, yes I still have a Futaba 6M system and it works....

charger in use ..

with 2300 mAH NiMH cells in the pack ... gives me plenty of hours use ...

So I now had a modern chip based radio and I had installed it in my fixed wing ... no probs.

Now I wanted a heli and a 450 to be exact. So I ordered a 450 RTF clone at $120 all in + shipping .... which came with a Futaba T6 clone radio - the T6EHP-E Heli variant ...

This has a couple of switches removed compared to the general version, but still has gyro up / down, Idle up, thro hold ... 120 CCPM etc. In fact it really does do the job. Now I'm a novice with this sort of gear - but I have given this radio and also the FlySky to others to try .. who have Spectrums etc. and they are pleasantly surprised at feel and control with them.
I only have one problem with the 6ch set ... which seller has failed to rectify, but sending back to China considering a new Tx / Rx combo is only $45 is not realistic ... the problem is extreme left top section of LCD screen has an intermittent fault, sometimes it shows and most of time it doesn't as per photo here :

but it is still useable, just care to make sure what screen you are on.

With the cheap radios one area of concern is the quality of assembly and also life of the stick pots. I have heard of pots getting 'gritty and worn' quite quickly. This is quite possible. But so far I have had no evidence after approx. 10 months with Flysky 9ch and 3 months with T6 - and they get a lot of use not only on models but also on sims.

Onto Sims .... the T6 connects via a Futaba Din plug and USB adaptor direct without any need for extra utilities. It controls RCPlanemaster, HeliSimRC, FMS without problems. (Personally I think FMS is horrid - but incl here as many I know use it).
The FlySky connects via standard stereo jack plugs as used in audio speakers to PC audio ... But you need to install SPPconsole and PPjoy utilities and have them running in background while playing the sim.

Both give excellent performance on sims as well as out on field in the models.

One day I may return to JR but at moment every $ is important to me in these hard hit days.
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