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Originally Posted by theecoop View Post
Lets dedicated this dicussion to using the stock tx or getting a better one.

what are the advantages?
what are the cost ?
are the cost worth it?
what is 2.4 ?
Explain your opinons
Let's suppose the DX7.

Advantages: Better built. Likely more channels, so you can expand into more complex models. One radio for up to 20 of your models. Relatively easy progamming for mixes and the stuff you need for helis in particular.

Cost: $350 for the Heli model radio and a reciever + three DS285 servos, addl. $50-$90 for receivers. Not Cheap.

Worth it: I think so. I like having one radio for everything I fly, and it is a great system.

What is 2.4GHz: An alternative to traditional radio control in that it uses DSSS instead of FM, PPM or PCM. Way too technical, I know. But its main advantage is that it copes / overcomes interference in a much safer way. DSSS is, in te simplest terms, the same principal that wireless networks use, so you can think of a room full of computers all communicating on the same network but not (preceptably) interfering with eachother... same thing with multiple 2.4GHz radios working on the same flight line. each radio and its Rx are linked, and even though there is info out there on the same frequency, the Rx only listens for the 'packets' coded for it, ignoring others.

hope that helps.
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