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The V2 is obviously a significant improvement. If speed is important then it would help if the servo wires were not 'free' directly in the airflow. Much better to tape them down. The airflow close to the board surface will be much lower so creating less drag.
I appreciate the front the video camera present a bluff shape but an aerodynamic fairing at the rear would reduce drag and perhaps more important would reduce disturbed air into the EDF. EDFs are quite sensitive to inlet air disturbances
Is there any reason why the servos could not be buried, even if only partly, into the board to reduce drag? It all helps.
A fully buried elevon servo on home built foam EDF delta.
Click image for larger version

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In this case the servo is as thick as the wing. It is completely glued in so has to be physically cut out if it needs replacing, which it hasn't even after 5 years.
Finally a thick trailing edge whilst not impeding control does create a bit more drag over a 'fine' one. I am not sure how easy it would be to 'thin' the board down in some way towards the trailing edge.

Please note these are not intended to be criticisms but just comments on areas that I have found that can make an improvement to the performance of foam planes that I have built.

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