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Sadly - the Parkjet was discontinued and later a smaller version brought out. The original we used (there was a group of us here on WF) - was about as small as you would want to go. At the speeds we were getting - it became a problem to keep an eye on it.

Yes 3S ... but remember that was a 3800~ kv on 5x5 prop ... I did try a 4000kv ... but it fried the ESC when testing.

The nearest to it was the Striker ... but it was heavier and for me not so easy to push the envelope. Some tried with the Radjet - but I think its wing config was against it.

I still have both my originals ..... the third one I was kindly given and flew - you will not believe this - I remember putting it with others after flight - but cannot find it !!

What about this .... 50mm EDF T45 modified to 3400kv + 4.1 x 4.1 pusher prop .....

We clocked her to over 180kph ..... I still have her as well !!

Here's another 50mm T45 I have with a 5000kv EDF ..... on 4S again ... but slow - 140+ kph

Happy days !!
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