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Originally Posted by solentlife View Post
I have the dubious honour of 222kph with a Hobby King Parkjet ..... it had a 450 Heli motor with 3S battery ... 4S was tried - but she was uncontrollable. To launch the 'Beast' as she was nicknamed by fellow club members - I used a bungee catapult ramp.

Here's one of the slow flights :

Here's trying to get her away with 4S :

I used a Pitot tube speed checker making sure I avoided dives and false speed runs.

I later created a 'twin' Parkjet using two 250 Heli motors - but it just would not fly !! Calculations indicated a speed of over 300kph if I could get her to launch !

I've pushed 50mm EDF T45 to over 150kph ... another I fitted a pusher prop and she hits 180+ kph ...

My problem now is reaction time ... I'm not so young anymore and eyes are not what they used to be !!
​​​​​Hey Nigel. Ive been reading up on your need for speed thread and I'm impressed with the speeds you've accomplished on 3s. Wasn't aware that the parkjet that you have in the camo scheme was so aerodynamic. Would love to get one and do some testing with different power plants. Ive never owned a factory built foam pusher before. Another pusher that I would like to play with is the dragon jet kit. It has a real sharp nose on it and looks to be super slippery. Hoping to get one in the near future and put it through its paces.
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