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Cool Fastest Delta Pusher Jet

Hello fellow flight mates. New to the forum and thought I would share a scratch built pusher jet design that I modeled after the stryker. It's a simple build but was put together as a speed machine. It has a Gartt 450 3700kv heli motor on it and I've been using a 4s battery with a gemfan 4.75x4.75 prop. This setup is making around 1500 watts and 100 amps on a motor that's only rated a little more than 300 watts. It's a winter time setup for sure. The cold air is a must for this setup. Gets hot pretty quick with short bursts when doing speed passes. I haven't been able to find a scratch built delta pusher that has the speed to match it yet. I don't believe that I just accidentally achieved anything special with a spur of the moment order of a cheap motor and battery purchase on a quick mock-up of a less than average pieced together jet like pusher build with foam board. I know I have a lot to learn about aerodynamics so therefore I believe that I can continue to gain higher speeds in the future. Currently working on a new design with the hopes of more speed on 4s. I'm sure this can be done rather easily but only time will tell. Would like to enter into the 100mph club as soon as possible. I don't have any pics of it right now, just videos of it on YouTube. I will get pics of it uploaded soon. For anyone interested in a video of it in action my YouTube name is Michael Clayborne. It's the pink pusher jet. Listed as fastest rc delta jet passes.
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