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Originally Posted by firemanbill View Post
I wouldn't go so far as to say I feel sorry for them... they have made plenty of money through the years. I just hope they keep enough market share to stay afloat... heck at this point I hope pretty much all hobby related companies can nowadays. They are disappearing at an alarming rate where we are left with very few choices now.
It was a great marketing move by Horizon to lock their Spektrum into the model line up by BnF ... it not only got people to buy Spektrum for that model ... but with the number of Tx's seen on Flight Line it created a self perpetuating myth of 'best radio' ... newbies would see flyers ... ask about radios ... see the Spektrum and viola - it sold itself.

The fact that it really was a marketing tactic that worked rather than actual quality is by the by. I can remember people pressing the scroll wheel and CLICK ... not flying that day because the wheel had broken. Despite the years it was a known fault - Spektrum did nothing - let 3rd party sellers devise a better metal replacement.

But anyway - the Brand Names made money for years ... but have failed to stay with the competition - seemingly sitting back on name alone .... compare a Spektrum and say a Radiomaster ... can anyone honestly say they get value for money from the lesser but more expensive Spektrum ?

Even the Competition organisers are coming round to the fact specifying 'Leading Brand' names for comp use is over .....
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