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Default 500mm Scratch Built EDF35 Wing

Hello All, I am new to wings. So, I wanted to build a trainer for myself to learn how to build and fly wings. Here is what I got:

-500mm wingspan
-I used foamboard with balsa reinforcements.
-I used a 35mm EDF (I have so many EDFs laying around, that's why...)
-Radiolink radio
-cc3d for stabilization

I am testing with different capacity batteries to get an understanding of the optimum setup and flight times. Below are some of the results:

Weight MAH Flight Time
123g 400 +6min
136g 500 +7min
143g 800 +9min
169g 1000 to be tested

I am pretty sure I will be +10min with 1000MAH but we will see after the test. I believe these are pretty decent flight times but would probably better with a prop?

It's really easy and fun to fly and glides beautifully. Here is a video of a slow and low flight with nive close-ups.


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