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That is a funny story WF. LOL . Wives are funny about those sorts of things.

Recently I bought some 20A King Kong ESCs for my new Quad. The motors are 3506 E-Max 650 kV. They only draw 5.5 Amps on full throttle! The ESCs are optos and are so small that when I sit them down on my bench I have trouble finding them again. I can't believe the huge advances made in this field lately. A lot of thanks go to the racing quad fraternity demanding smaller/lighter components.
It seems that any ESC fitted with a BEC is a liability, doesn't matter what you pay.

What you said SL I have programmed a few ESCs to Simon K and they do work well.
For example, I had some basic ESCs on a Quad and it shuddered and shook all over the place. I re-programmed the ESCs to Simon K and it became quite flyable. I also very much like BL Heli ESCs. I have found them to have even better responses.

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