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I have had a no name ESC included with a motor I bought on Ebay, just quit, won't do anything except run the servos. Motor was beyond my wildest hopes so I am still happy, wish I could get more matching motors.

Only ESC that has gone out rather spectacularly was a Hobbyking special seaplane ESC with reverse. You could back the plane away from the dock and turn, then STOP the motor, flip my retract switch, and then power away in forward.

I messed with my friends heads by putting the battery inside the plane, which is a bugger in a seaplane to get it as far forward as needed. Then I power tested the plane knowing it was in reverse. about 3 of them looked on in shock as they didn't think I would make such a mistake. Finally one guy said 'Dave you have the motor wired wrong" he knew it was the maiden flight.

I said no it's fine, and of course flipped the switch without him seeing it. then bumped the throttle and the motor run correctly. You should have seen the look on his face.

Well I went for the maiden flight and took-off with no problem made a turn and started to trim it out.
Suddenly the ESC went into reverse the plane stopped like it hit a wall of glass up in the sky and dropped straight down into the water. No power for servos, so I couldn't pull out.

The ramped nose on the seaplane hit the water straight down and then tried to climb back out instantly, which snapped the fuselage in two at the step.

When I got the plane back it stunk like you would not believe !
I looked at the ESC and at least one or two of the mosfet switches had blown to carbon dust, and burned a large section of the board.

I sure wish I had a CC ESC in that plane. I wouldn't have such a big repair ahead of me. It took over 6 months for the smell to work it's way out of the balsa interior before my wife would let me bring it in the house.
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