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Originally Posted by JetPlaneFlyer View Post
I got the combo kit complete with Compass' own monstrous SZ-4926 motor rated at 160A and 7000W. I picked the kit up for less than half the UK retail price, so that's a good start.

I already had a spare Castle Edge 120HV, so all I need is servos and FBL controller.

I've order three RJX FS-0521 HV servos for cyclic and a single RJX FS-0521T HV for the tail. The RJX servos seem top be an excellent spec and while not exactly 'cheap' aren't as eye wateringly expensive as other high-voltage/high-speed/high-torque servos.

For the FBL controller I'm just going to use an Align 3GX. Many don't rate them but I've had no problem and I know how to set them up, which is half the battle. I'll use a couple of DSMX satellites rather than a conventional Rx, I already have those spare.

The motor is a bit of a problem. Turns out that there was a batch of motors with magnets that came loose, and the motor i have is one of them. All of those motors were replaced under warantee but I think the seller pulled a bit of a 'fast one' and kept the good motor to sell separately (he's already put it on eBay) and gave me the 'dud'. One magnet was loose before i even turned the motor.

Fortunately it's not so hard to fix, it just needs some suitable Loctite (I'm using Loctite 480) running in around the magnets to fix them securely.
Sounds good enough.....good choice in servos.....The Align 3GX has been around for awhile....lot of guys I know with birds your size have recommended the Beast X Micro, those that had the Align switched over....but your'e familiar with it, That's half the battle won....good idea with satellites.

As far as motors....if it were me (but it's of the guys I know swear by Scorpion, regardless of size...............for a 700, I hear my buddies mention it a lot that it should be nothing less than a Scorpion HKIII-450KV up to something like a HK 4525-520kv or equal (comparable) manufacture.....personally, I'm biased towards Scorpion as well, never had one fail (owned 7 of various sizes) with very long life spans.....especially since you are willing to risk a + $1500 investment on motors that are questionable from the get-go.

It's sounds like a great project......I'll be looking forward to your flight vid's.
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