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You wanna go cheap? Buy used 72mhz equipment for pennies on the dollar. I have some Spektrum equipment and it's fine. I've been flying since 1973 and still have a LOT of 72mhz TX's and RX's. They work even better today because all the SHEEPLE have bought into the ridiculous notion that now that 2.4 ghz is here 72mhz no longer works. Again, SHEEPLE. I only went to 2.4ghz because of the club rules many years back when 2.4ghz first came onto the scene. I probably have 25-30 aircraft with 72mhz RX's in them. My Futaba 9C TX sits ready and willing to command any one of them with no fear of frequency conflicts. Since 1973 I've had exactly ONE crash attributed to some MORON turning on his TX before calling out his channel. That's damned good odds. Now how many people lost aircraft to "brown outs' with the early versions of 2.4ghz? Statistically I'll bet it's MUCH higher than 72mhz. And now with so few SHEEPLE flying 72mhz the chance of frequency conflict is virtually nill. Buy 72mhz for dirt cheap and have a good time with all the money you saved! A Futaba 9C will fiil your needs and then some and they can now be had for a song. 72 mhz RX's even cheaper.

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