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Hi Solentlife,
Yes my stupid mistake,not Esc ,should be RX.
And ,yes the prop ls removed, and the Bind has been done
Using Turnijy 9X ,TX ,and Ia8 Rec.
Checked all
7servo functions,with my servo tester,all working individually,
Connected sevos to Rx pins in order of ,
No1 Ailerons, No2 ELevators, No3 Throttle, No4 Rudder
All work on sevo tester,No1 Ailerons does not when connnected
To Rx.
Enabled all Aux channels ,flaps, landiing gear etc all work when connected separately
To servo tester,but act strangely when connected too Rx,flaps and landing gear work at the same time, and ailerons also works on Aux pins
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