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Finally got a chance to FPV test my Stratosurfer. After a major crash from my original Stat. I made some changes I moved the runcam/gopro and removed the LHI Sparrow, just did not work out like I had hoped. Tracey and I had a little trouble hand launching because 3s didn't seem to have the push I think it needed. But once we got it in the air my goodness she just floated. I This is going to be an awesome Long Rang plane. Fingers crossed. Its a long video for sure but I wanted some folks to see that a pusher plane makes for a great FPV plane whether be for the first time flying FPV or even an experienced FPV pilot can enjoy. Youtube doesn't do the Run Cam footage justice and I can see I am going to need to raise it up some. Dont think people are going to enjoy looking at the ass end of another runcam. At least without a sticker or something :-)
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