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I removed the plug from the end of the ESCs receiver lead and was able to loop it through the ferrite cylinder 4 times (passed thru center 4 times, actually only see 3 loops on outside) so that should do it. I am going to try my 30Amp ESC but it has 3.5mm connectors and my itty bitty motor only has 2mm connectors, so I will either have to run to the hobby shop which only has the 2mm in a two pack for $4.79 of which I would have to buy 2 of or ebay has 20 sets for $4.27 and free shipping. I am going to run into a weight issue if I am not careful, the ferrite added 8.7 grams (but I can find a smaller one) and the 30Amp ESC is 15 grams heavier than the 10Amp. That puts total weight of my plane in the 193 gram range. The original build article claims a finished weight of 4 to 5 ounces, mine with the mods and extremely amateur construction (it was my first foamie, squeegee off excess hot glue WHAT? ) is sitting at 6.8 ounces. I think I'll be okay, the motor has 130 grams of thrust at 5000 rpms, so it should fly. It's not like I am 3D capable anyway. First things first...the twitchies! I'll get some plugs and let you know how it turns out. I really appreciate your suggestions thus far.
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