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Default Kasama Dune 600

I got lucky yesterday, power cut at work so they sent everyone home which gave me time to finish off my new Kasama Dune.

Final Build Spec:
  • Kasama Dune 600
  • Kontronik Pyro 700-52
  • Hobbyking YEP 80HV
  • Kbar (full size)
  • RJX HV servos
  • 2 x Lemon DSMX remote receivers
  • 600mm RJX main blades
  • 95mm CY tail blades
  • 12s, 2700 - 3000mAh Lipos
  • 2s 1800mAh Rx pack (unregulated)

I had to put a long shift in to get it all built and set up but by midnight it was done (and so was I).

One of the things i like on the Dune is it uses sub-assemblies that much of the hardware is mounted on to form separate modules attaching the the minimalist main frame. This is the module for the aileron and pitch servos, the engineering is equisite:

The frame is basically a spine structure, it's very narrow so much of the electronics has to be externally mounted. This makes it hard to avoid a bit of clutter but the canopy covers it all I did my best to keep it reasonably tidy.

Left side:

Right side:

The whole thing less canopy:

Ready to fly:

Some critisise the Dune as it runs in the face of the modern trend for low part count. The quite complex linkages that operate the swash are a good example, most designs these days have direct linkages from servo to swash. While there are a lot more parts on the Dune the design does allow for a perfect setup. On many direct to swash designs servo travel is limited due to linkages hitting the frame or the servo case. The Dune design totally avoids that allowing optimal travel values to be used rather than having to limit servo travel to avoid binding, like I've had to do on most of my direct to swash designs. So maybe Mr Kasama has method in his madness?

I got out and had four test flights today, it flew pretty much perfect right off the board. The blades are slightly out of balance (ran out of time last night) so i need to sort that, but otherwise it was fine right from the off using settings in the Kbar for the Logo 600. Flights were a bit boring so no video, i'll shoot a vid tomorrow weather permitting. It's remarkably quite in flight but has massive punch, I think it's going to me a firm favorite.
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