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Originally Posted by danauti1 View Post
MrEd, you answered about the next 3 questions I had also clued me into not buying the 100a esc for the 60a motor I want to get lol...You also dumbed it down for someone who is totally new to electric...I appreciate all the feedback and have decided on a castle creation phoenix 70a esc and an eflite 60 brushless outrunner...still playing with the batteries...
Great choice on the ESC, but I will never buy an eflight motor again, but that is personal with me. Nothing to do with the quality of the motor. There are a lot of good batteries out there and I think the best are Thunder Power, but again, that is personal. I am sure they have quality batteries just as good elsewhere. They are pricy though, but they are also good and they have great service. Good luck on your project and let us know how it all works out.

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