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Well, to tell you the truth, I haven't used them enough to know how long they will last. I just bought the NanoTech batteries and have about 15 flights on them now and they are working fine. Can't say yet how they will do in the long run yet. May puff up, I don't know. I have Zippy batteries that have a lot of use on and they are still working fine. I have a couple other brands of batteries from China and they are all running good so far. A few of them, about 4 have been used for a long time and have over 500 flights on 2 of them. They were my first batteries and I kind of baby them. They are starting to look old and a little fatter then new, but not much and I am watching them for signs of going. Right now they are all charging good and the discharge is fine on all of them, so I guess they are still working right. I don't work my batteries very hard, so they should last longer. The rest of my batteries have less then 200 flights on them. The old ones are 2200MAh 3S 20c and they are working so far. I was really surprised they lasted this long to tell you the truth, but they just keep chugging away.

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