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Default Motor Exchange?

Hello Electrictomato,
That would be a great idea, if someone had the time and a calc with enough motors in the database. I don't know of any large-scale comparison tables, but have seen a few lists of comparable motors, e.g. "A Speed 400 can be replaced with these brushless motors...".
Most pilots use the traditional "Watts" or "Watts per pound" (of model weight) rule to upgrade/replace motors.
"• 50-70 watts per pound; Minimum level of power for decent performance, good for lightly loaded slow flyer and park flyer models
• 70-90 watts per pound; Trainer and slow flying scale models
• 90-110 watts per pound; Sport aerobatic and fast flying scale models
• 110-130 watts per pound; Advanced aerobatic and high-speed models
• 130-150 watts per pound; Lightly loaded 3D models and ducted fans
• 150-200+ watts per pound; Unlimited performance 3D and aerobatic models"
If you have a specific motor or size in mind, you could try posting a separate thread here in Power Systems, asking about direct replacements.
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