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Default Motor only beep beep

New plane setting up. Plug in motor and slow beep beep etc. which is normal. Turn on receiver and the beeps are 2 to 3 times faster and quite loud but the motor will not run. 13 years and never seen this before. New Lemmon Stabilizer Plus, Turnigy Plush ESC 80A, Turnigy motor SK4250-650 (ran normal on a test stand), radio Spectrum DX 7s. Normal function of elevator and rudder. No Wings on it yet. Is it Radio or ESC? I have never seen any problems with the radio. My last 3 purchases 1. original Timber 2. baby Timber (can be a little fun with no wind) 3. Timber X (4 cell 50C & 1/2 flaps and full throttle and it is off the ground in less than a foot but don't try this the first time) Smoothest flying plane I ever had. Still flying @ 85.
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