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Originally Posted by CHELLIE View Post
Cool, add 8 more panels to your system and you should Be Good To Go Solar panels do get weak over time, and the newer panels will prolong you from having to replace the whole system, solar panels have a life of about 25 years, so you are still good
I did build off-grid about 3 years ago. Even with 8k watts in full sunshine and $4000 in batteties for night time, I cannot run a frig, and certainly not an AC at night. I can just barely keep the AC on every time a good cloud goes over, and not at all in very dark overcast. I have to supplement with propane for cooking, heating and hot water. I do use electric heat but only in full sunshine. I don't want to spend $1200 on a tiny propane frig. I have 4, 40 lb bottles I take to refill. First year I spent $500 on propane, 2nd year $300. Last year, 2020 I spent $250. It's a battle. It's quite difficult to live off-grid. I have a small 2k generator if I really want to work on my computer at night, and a 4k generator for my water well. I had a traditional septic system put in that requires no electricity.

I did peal and stick panels on a metal roof. Even got a little 2" hail that dented a couple....didn't effect them at all and that was 3 years ago. Unisolor panels.

The good news is I have no bills, so I only have about 6 more years to break even...haha, and I live alone, so I'm not dragging a women thru it. Aren't I considerate?

It WAS a challenge I wanted, but I would not suggest it to anyone else. Don't forget, off-grid includes all utilities... electric, water, sewage... natural gas. None of those connected.

Grid-"tied" is more livible and much more expensive.

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