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To answer the original question,
You will NOT get 10 volts
Two power sources (batteries) in parallel give you greater current capacity, at the same voltage. However if one battery is lower voltage than the other, it will suck power from the higher voltage battery.
Example, you can not wire a 2s and a 3s battery in parallel.

BUT listen to Ron, if the two ESCs are not operating EXACTLY the same, they may sort of get in a fight with each other.
Some ESCs can handle this without burning up, but you don't know just what is going on internally without doing some very careful testing with electronic instruments.
One of the ESCs is going to be slightly higher voltage than the other because of the manufacturing tolerances of electronic components. That one is probably the one carrying the load.

My rule is simple, if the aircraft is big enough to carry 4oz of battery weight without problem, then I put a good battery in it so I don't have to worry about overloading the BEC output of the ESCs. Then I disconnect both red leads or use OPTO ESCs.
Unless the ESCs are high amperage units the BEC output is 5 amps at best. I want enough power to snap all servos at the same time. ( I love doing snap rolls )
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