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Generally in an electric twin, the motors should see the same voltage or they will run at different speeds.
You can do this by using 1 battery or by connecting the batteries in parallel. You will not lose any power as long as you use adequate sized wire.

I bought a used Deuces Wild twin and when it was made E-flite said nothing about connecting the batteries in parallel. Probably because there is 1 battery in each nacelle behind the motor. I do not want any problems so I fished 2-12 ga wires from one side to the other and made my own parallel jumper.

2 Brushed motors on 1 ESC is fine as long as the ESC can handle the current. 2 brushless motors on 1 ESC is NOT recommended at all.

If your ESC's provide receiver power, disconnect the red wire from ONE of the ESC's otherwise the voltage regulators may get in a fight.
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