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Originally Posted by bigvern View Post
... my set up is Turnigy Rotomax 1.60 on 12s Lipo. ...
Proppitch and -diameter are missing from your setup. Diameter has a huuuuge effect on current drawn.
How high was the current you measured?

General rules for current and power, they give a relative indication:
Motorcurrent is proportional to pitch¹, voltage², Kv³ and diameter⁴.
Power-drawn is proportional to pitch¹, voltage³, Kv³ and diameter⁴.

Without the exponentiation
extra current with one or two cells added, simple table

So changes in setup (and lousy Kv specifications!) can have surprisingly considerable/huge effects.
E.g. doubling voltage will four(2²)fold current, doubling Kv will eight(2³)fold current, and doubling prop diameter will sixteen(2⁴)fold current.
Even a small 10% change/difference in diameter will already lead to a 46% difference in current.
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