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Default HV ESC choices

Hi there new to the forum. So at weekend the ECS in my electric powered H9 Valiant caught fire and destroyed itself in flight. Fortunatley I got theaircraft back to tht landing strip and the damage contained apart from a very black sooty motor bay.

The ECS was a HK dlux 80 amp, my set up is Turnigy Rotomax 1.60 on 12s Lipo. HK have now discontinued this ECS and quick search on google highlights I am not the first to experience burn outs on this ECS

So now to a replacement. Do I stick with HK and buy the Aerostar 120A which is the nearest replacement or do I go up market for instance Hacker/Jeti Master 99 ot a castle creations Phoenix

Are they worth the considerable increase in money ??? are they still made in China after all
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