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Default Reciever battery..

Originally Posted by Scotty68 View Post
Well, I attached a ferrite....tube? Not really a ring but a hollow cylinder. Anyway, didn't solve my problem, MIGHT have improved the issue I can't really be sure. I think I am going to try a larger ESC but the next size up that I own is a 30Amp. Can you tell me why "they" recommend not going more than 3 times your motors max amp draw for a speed controller? I mean, if my 30Amp solves the problem, why can't I use it permanently?

i would be curious what would happen if for a test you powered the reciever with a battery and disconnected the bec by removing the red center lead from the connector. This test might point to your problem. If the servos are stable that way, your esc probably needs replacing. If no improvement, then the other suggestions are in line
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