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Yes I own 3 of them and have several buddies with them as well. You won't get a better FC in my opinion.
I bought mine from Hobby King but they don't sell them now. Banggood has the best prices for us in Oz.
Just make sure you get the 2.4.8 if you decide.
We all fly Hobby King Dart 450s which are ideal for these FCs and are 'dirt' cheap.
I fly fully autonomous missions 99% of the time. Totally reliable controllers.
I use QGround Control on a tablet. No need for a Tx except in initial set-up.
QGC works on my Windows 7 and my Mac and iPad, but I now only use my Samsung android tablet.
You will need a wifi tx or a 915 mHz telemetry set for programming it. (Cheap) but it can be done with a usb cable. These all come with the correct Pixhawk cables and connectors.
Let me know if you need links.

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