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You will have to decide if your glider is worth saving.
What is the kV of your 2212 motor?
The lowest kV version I can find is 1000kV and an 11 inch (is it 11x6?) prop is rather too big for even that one . It is likely over loading the motor and of course will also create more torque.
A 10x4.7 is recommended..
The weight of the folding prop is not necessarily a problem if you need the weight up front anyway although unless well balanced its weight can cause motor vibration issues.

If you can manage the reduction in weight I would go for a fixed 10x4.7 just to get it to fly. It you close the throttle before it lands the chances are it wont break.
This one, with a prop adaptor, weighs just 16.3 g (0.6 oz),
Click image for larger version

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If there is a question about the plane's stability, launch without power and then add it gradually.seeing what happens before adding any more. If it glides as well as you say it should be able to maintain height on just part throttle.

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